A crazy multiplier party game, free to download!
(We recommend using a controller.)

No need for extra devices - Two players can use a single controller

On the 'Ready Up' screen, press the trigger on your side of the controller (or the SPACE and RSHIFT keys if using a keyboard) to confirm your controls. Each player uses their analog stick or key controls to select an animal to play as and vote on the map they'd like to play.

While doing battle, hold the CHARGE button to power up your charge, then release to dash forward. You can rotate your animal while powering up in order to control the direction at which it will charge. Pressing down the analog stick will activate your animal's ability, but be careful how you use it since you can only do so once per round.

When in game, any player can use the START button or ESC key to pause.

If you get knocked out of the arena, you're eliminated

In Zumo, you'll need to employ cunning tactics and quick reflexes to rule the animal kingdom. Select from a roster of six animals - each with different abilities and stats - and six unique boards, then battle to be the last animal to remain on the board. Use your dash ability, exciting pick-ups and special animal abilities to bounce your enemies off the edge, but choose your actions carefully or meet the same fate yourself. Zumo features an incredible, original soundtrack by Adam Bow.

Zumo was developed by a team of seven undergraduate university students in Wellington, New Zealand. For most members of the team, this is our first attempt at making a game. While development on Zumo has been put on hold for the moment, the team is open to work on it more if there is substantial interest.

Any questions or comments can be directed at @TimPaisley.

Developed by a team of students from Victoria University of Wellington

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